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Annual dental cleaning of your pet’s teeth will remove plaque and bacteria which brings more harm than just bad breath. Bacteria in the plaque is swallowed during eating and drinking, that bacteria travels to the liver, kidneys and heart which can lead to heart disease and organ failure.

How do I know if it is time for a dental cleaning? What is the best way to take care of my pets teeth, avoid bad breath and periodontal disease?
During your office visit, your technician or doctor will be happy to review the current condition of your pets teeth and use a UV light to expose the tartar and bacteria present on their teeth and our client care staff will set up an appointment for your pets dental cleaning at a time that is convenient for you. After your pet’s cleaning and exam, weekly brushing, fluoride additive to their drinking water and tartar-reducing chews (Greenies & CET Chews) can be used at home to reduce bacteria, maintain the health of the teeth and reduce plaque buildup.